Review update: Plextor 24/10/40

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We have just updated our Plextor 24/10/40 review here are the small changes:

Update test V1.1 op 20/11/2001:

Remake test transferspeed onder firmware V1.02 final

Remake test…

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It’s ironic? Here’s my moan about the writer… Considering the price of Plextor it should be way better than LiteOn. Well, one thing for sure LiteOn uses cheap plastic, I’m not sure if this justifies for the price difference - but it seems the brand name of Plex is doing its job.

Yeah the Plex is twice as much but it doesnt have twice the performance. You’re paying for the badge.

Hey guys I dont mean that liteon is shit, BUT i hve never seen a liteon cdrom/dvd or cdrw in a netwerk server here. only plextor r philips. That must say something of the rialibity of plextor! :slight_smile:

Yeah, and the reliability of philips :r Plextor sucks, they want much more money for little more than what other brands give!

Plextor isnt what it seem. There is a game that plex 24/10/40 cant write Aliens v predator i tried everything it can’t. but it does everything els.

/* Its not because a writer cant copy a particular game that the writer itself is bad if you ask me maybe the problem is just you ? :slight_smile: */ I have a plex 121032x and the pc I assembled for my girlfriend has a 161040x liteon burner, both I use alot, and to be honest, I didnt found any difrences (I didnt run benchmarks, but thats not the point)or atleast, I didnt found any difference that big that it would justify paying twice as much for the plextor… I cant say wich cdr is best for the hardcore copiers, since I have to little experience with that (my games are allready cracked :4 ) but I’m sure that most users (espec. home users) will experience no difference between the plex and the liteon. So if you have cash ? go buy a plex otherwise the liteon is certainly a (almost) equal alternative :slight_smile:

hey wildarm69 the plextor 24x can copy Aliens vs Predator and Aliens Vs Predator 2. i have made perfect copies of both games using this burner. this burner copies everything!!! :slight_smile: best burner out there!!!

Perfect combination PLEX 24 + Clone CD :4 copy everything — PLEX ROX :8 —

so does liteon folharth :slight_smile: best buy would have to be liteon 24/10/40 for 230AU$ (110US$) or cheaper and not that much slower LG 16/10/40 for 160AU$ (75US$) i don’t like liteon from past where it was typical for liteon cdrom to stop working after 1 year or even less but things might changed still i got after taste but with price so low you can buy 2 liteon drives for price of one plextor so i might give it a go but right now LG GCE8160B would have to be best value for money and it will copy everything just like plextor. i would never buy plextor a specialy with things changing so quickly.

No the Lite On doesn’t copy anything the plex can, try some CDS-100 and CDS-200 protected discs and you will see the difernce between the plex and the Lite On. The Lite On 24102B is the best option for cdroms these days, but for protected audio cd’s it sucks. The LG has problems with Securom New and makes partial copies for these. The Lite On and The plex will not do this and make a good back-up.

The LiteOn can write anything Plex can. The problem with CDS-100 and CDS-200 is the reading not writing. LiteOn is a bit crap when it comes to reading audio protection. However, if you do all your reading using a capable reader (e.g. Toshiba DVD) then no problems.

Main whine I have about Plextor is the fact they no longer do SCSI drives!! :*o(

I have a plextor 16/10/40A this drive don’t support the subchannel data read… BUT I have readed and burned 3 games (with plex) with securom and securom new why? delta force land warrior, tribes2, and colin mcrae 2.0 and all works fine in all cd roms! PX firm: 1.03 clone with AWS protCD selected… mah. i’m confused

I don’t have your Plex, so I can’t verify this - maybe subchannel reading is enabled for your drive in this new CloneCD version. But one thing are you actually copying original CDs or are you copying already copied cracked versions? Also I think you mean CloneCD v3.2.1.1.

I am using the lastest version of clonecd with amplify weak sectors using a plextor x40 reader and a x12x10x32 scsi platform. clonyxl nolonger can detect the protection used on commandos 2 or Alien vs Predator 2, so I took a wild guess, ticked the top 2 boxes, fast error skip, retry x 3 repair none. Read @ x8! Burn @ x8 using Amplify weak sectors don’t repair subchannel data and always close last session, and guess what both games work 100% :slight_smile: burnt a copy of AVP2 t/d taking back to the store on Monday. So looks like the authors of Clonyxl need to shift up a gear and find out what new protection is being used on these 2 games, as it would seem it is going to be used more, and unless you are like me, and take a gamble and try some settings all for a 20p cd, it paid off, I now now how to get fully working versions of these 2 games that work in all cdroms, and not just the writer, so I am now prepared for the release of future games that use this hidden protection :8 Anyone care to tell me what protection is being used on the 2 games I have mentioned? GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK! :4 I spend time researching, hell I have 24hrs aday to check this stuff out, so CDfreaks if you want to make me a mod or whatever or upgrade my status, then by all means go for it. I dont have to work, and still have a good income :slight_smile:

TO TH7: yes, sorry my clonecd version is eh eh! :slight_smile: i have copied original games, and in the new clonecd readme (help) my plex NOT support subchannel data read, only RAW… mah. However i can copy the ultimate protection, as safedisc2 and the securom! :4 Is possible i have another version of 16 10 40??? mi plex “name” is 16/10/40AB mah…mah… the TLA# is 1.02 I have another reader my plex 40TS firm: 1.05 but when i read safedisk2 and securom original games or backup is very slowly… :r fast error skip enabled… My burner is in another world… from 5 to 10 second to “bypass” securom or safedisk2…

RJW where did you get that info about LG ? as far i know (hands on testing) it deas copy securerom without any problems all i can think off is that you based your opinion on clonecd help file but this hardware requaiments show lots of things that are not true just like one that indicate GCE8160 as drive that is not able to copy SD2 disks but it does and you don’t have to use AWS same with RAW+96 for data one older file show “yes” and new file show “no” while drive does read raw+96 (needed for securerom) btw. talking about subchannels and toshiba dvd i was looking and there was lots of toshiba drives that are zone locked and there is no RPC1 FW for them, is there any models that are good with clone and have zonefree fw for dl anywhere ?

Plex - Lite-On - LG all CD-RW Rox :slight_smile: as long as we can make copy of any games :4 and f…k all $$$COMPANY’s who makes these programs :8