REVIEW: The DX1: Is This THE Solution To Every Gamer's Problem?

Search the forums of most gaming sites and you are sure to find one particularly common lament, related to the failure of the PC keyboard to meet the individual needs of the world’s diverse gamers. Those same forums offer suggestions of numerous devices that gamers have tried to fill the need - and criticisms of those same devices. Often one participant will hail a particular device as the best device available, only to find numerous responses decrying it for its shortcomings.

A quick survey finds that most of the complaints against these devices - aside from the non-specific and not terribly useful “it sux!” - are not for build quality or responsiveness issues, but rather matters of comfort. “It just doesn’t feel right” or “it was too small for my hand” are remarks typical of the situation that exists for gamers searching for a better way of connecting with their games.

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Now that looks cool. A keyboard mouse pad type thing that you can move the buttons around on.