Review of the Asus E616A DVD-ROM

Okay, I know that Franksoy and a few others were curious about this drive so I will pass along what I have found after a few weeks of testing. You can read the detailed review at epinions. BTW be very careful and make sure you get the E616A and not the other Asus 616 models. Well here it is, take it for what it is worth. :wink:

What DMA mode is the drive.
Whats the burst transfer rate.

Does anyone know who makes this drive?

Asus makes this drive themselves.

As for the DMA mode and burst transfer rate it is as follows:

Multi-word DMA mode 2: 16.6M Bytes per second Max
Ultra DMA/33 mode: 33.3M Bytes per sec Max
Ultra DMA/66 mode: 66.6M Bytes per sec Max
Ultra DMA/100 mode: 99.9M Bytes per sec Max

for the transfer rate test, with a dvd in the drive go to cd dvd speed and in the menu click ‘transfer rate’.

Well, I did the whole thing. Here it is:

For those having trouble reading it. It transferred with an average speed of 7.66x and a max speed of 10.22x. Burst rate of 25MB/sec. Random seek times were 104ms and at 1/3 was 113ms, at full 193ms. This was for the NTSC Region 1 original Firefox Movie, which is 7.92GB.

Using the following specs:

P4 2.4GHZ with 800MHZ FSB and 512K cache
1GB PC3200 Corsair DDR400 RAM
80GB Western Digital HD with 8MB cache
Pioneer DVR-109 16x DVD Burner with V1.40 firmware
Asus E616A 16x DVD-ROM drive with V1.07 firmware
Windows XP Pro
Norton Anti-Virus with auto scan

Note that the computer was connected to the net and Norton was active at the time. I will see if I can’t do one without Norton active.