Review of pricing?

I’ve always found the price of alcohol quite “prohibitive” when it comes to actually making a purchase. I would suggest that there are price simulations they could run to determine a price that would maximise revenue, minimise piracy, and greatly expand their user base. As a comparison – I just paid $59 CDN dollars for full retail Nero 7 ultra edition. What’s the cost of Alcohol today? (I think it’s more than double that amount) And are there plans to rework pricing as part of a larger market strategy?

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No official comments?

the download version of alcohol 120 is about $52 USD depending on the conversaion rate at the moment. it’s probably in the midrange as far as cd/dvd suites go.

where did you get a price quote of over $120 canadian? last i checked the exchange rate was slowly tipping to the advantage of canada!

on the site it sells for about 42.51 euros so going straight from euros to canadian dollars, that’s about $60.84…almost exactly what you just paid for nero.

if anything, we’re lucky because we don’t have to pay the EU tax on it which is something ridiculous like 17%

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Personally I don’t think any software company has to justify their prices to anyone. No one knows how much time, effort and resources they have to put in to development, support and marketing, all which affect the price.

What you are suggesting is the age old “You drop your prices, we’ll buy more - You buy more, we’ll drop our prices” adage. Personally I believe the consumer has to make the first move. Why? These are businesses. If they should drop the price and revenue does not increase sufficiently (and I believe it wouldn’t, people will always pirate regardless and should stop using price as a justification) then that company has lost out. It has employees and bills to pay, not to mention a responsibility to shareholders. No companies = less software available.

Sorry, but your comparison is flawed in my opinion, I shall explain:

A) Using a local currency converter, I converted the current price of Alcohol, which is $52 US to CDN. The converted rate is at this point in time, $57.778 CDN.

B) Apples and Oranges. Presently Nero and Alcohol do different jobs.

C) Upgrade cost. No one has had to pay any extra for new versions of Alcohol.

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Please remember these are my opinions only. I am not privvy to such information, however posting in Alcohol-Soft’s own forum might be a better way to get that official response you are after :). Thanks.

Thanks for your responses guys.