Review of PLEXTOR new DVD Rom Drive PX-116A

New Plextor PX 116A DVD Rom DRIVE:

 Does anyboby know where to find a review or an article about the PLEXTOR PX 116A which is the new DVD ROM Drive which came out on may 2003 ? 

I would like to know if this drive:

1°) is able to read ALL types of media such as: DVD dual layer (DVD -5 -9 -10 -18) , and also: burned DVD-R/RW +R/RW

2°) works well while reading MOVIES with Cyberlink PowerDVD (software provided with the drive in the retail box)

3°) works well while ripping a DVD (data and movies) to the hard disk, doing the same good job as the Toshiba SD-M1712
A advantage of that Toshiba 1712 drive is that it reads correctly the subchannel data of CD’s and also DVD-RAM (the new Plextor PX 166A does not read DVD-RAM)

4°) working well while doing Direct Audio Extraction (I use Audiograbber and Exact Audio Copy)

Thanks a lot in advance if you can help me . . .
(because I am not rich enough to buy several DVD ROM Drives in order to test them)

I bought this drive and it kept freezing up when i would use it to rip a DVD to my harddrive using DVD X Copy, my whole system would freeze up and when i finally got it back running my computer would not even see the drive. I thought the drive was bad so i sent it back and got another one and it did the exact same thing as the first. So i ended up just sending the second one back to and got a Liteon, i just got it in today and havent installed it yet so dont know how it is gonna do.