Review - Lite-On LTR52246S

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It would be highly useful if you added 24x InCD results to your user review (both for CD-RW and CD-MRW), especially if alexnoe can’t tame his box. [/B]

I ran a couple of tests using CDSpeed on a Mt Rainer formated US Verbatim 24CDRW. It shows no errors after using InCD.

@tylau: yes

The only 4x cd-rw recorders which can handle highspeed media are Mitsumi and Cyberdrive, and these are certified for using these media.


Thank you for the CD Speed results. Could you also give us some InCD timing results, such as in the tables appearing in reviews of various recent burners here and at In particular, it would be nice to see how LTR52246S compares to LTR48125W for a setup similar to that in


My InCD/W2K troubleshooter is now available at

If it doesn’t work for you, how about getting another computer for reviewing purposes?:bigsmile:


Hey Alex, maybe Domi will buy you a new system? :bigsmile:

I just ordered some 24x Verbatim RW discs, I’ll be doing some testing on them with my 52x drive later in the week. I haven’t ventured to install InCD since my last system format and re-install, maybe I’ll give it a go again. In the past, ANY UDF writer has caused blue-screen crashes here on win2K. In fact, it’s the only thing that has ever caused BSOD in Win2K here.