Review is out in japan for Nec 3530



in japanese language.

the results are not impressive.

i wonder if 3520 can be flashed to 3530…

and whether 3530=3540??

so confusing… :rolleyes: :confused:


it doesn’t look very good. :rolleyes:


1 word - bad
2 words - very bad
3 words - very very very …

the huge spikes in PIF of 12x & 16x, UGLY …


No it can’t. I mean you can flash the drive with some tricks, but you won’t be unable to read or write anything and you need to do some tricks to flash it back afterwards.
Someone already tried this.


It looks like NEC are still to solve the high jitter this hardware writes with.
It also seems the present firmware on that drive doesn’t support PI/PIF testing :frowning:


In English:

The firmware used for the 3530 drive is 3.22 and this is the same version number as the latest I-O Data 3520 firmware… :wink:

Edit: The drive tested was a I-O DATA DVR-UN16S (ND-3530A). I-O Data always uses firmware rebadged to NEC.


Maybe there are only minor differences between 3520 and 3530 firmwares and it’s possible to convert them somehow. Did anyone get their hands on this 3.22 firmware? I’d like to take a closer look :rolleyes:


And from what I can see, it was tested in an USB 2.0 enclosure :confused:



…and that is not the ideal way to test a burner.