Review: Imation DVD-R w/ ForceField Scratch-Resistant Coating

I was at my local Target today when I noticed that the new batch of Imation discs (5 and 10 packs in jewel cases) were all made in India. Imation has traditionally only used CMC in recent times, so I wondered if these discs were from the new CMC plant I’ve heard of in India. I grabbed a pack of DVD-R with “ForceField Scratch-Resistant Coating” to give them a shot.

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These discs turned out to be FUJIFILM03 discs, manufactured by Moser Baer India. Target had DVD-R and DVD+R both with and without ForceField, and I’m betting all of the new Imation Made in India discs are manufactured by MBI.

Disc info:
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The discs burned quite nicely in my aging NEC ND-2500A, albeit only at 6x – a more up to date firmware might have an 8x write descriptor for FUJIFILM03.

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Like pretty much every other disc type I’ve burned in my drive (RITEKG04, CMC MAG AE1, TYG02), the best PI/PIF results appear at a 4x burn speed, but overall the scan still looks pretty nice with low PI and PIF throughout:

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As far as the scratch-proof coating, this seems to be mostly just the top layer, which does feel nice and smooth and repels fingerprints. The dye side doesn’t appear to be different from usual, so I’m betting that “ForceField” is just some marketing mumbo-jumbo to compete with TDK’s new Armor Plated discs. Nevertheless, these discs do not seem cheaply made, and I’d say that they would be worth considering if they go on sale. :slight_smile:

[Edit: I forgot to add that the serial number on the hub of the disc I tested was 5105 530 -R C A 1379, for anyone who was interested.]

As far as the scratch-proof coating, this seems to be mostly just the top layer, which does feel nice and smooth and repels fingerprints. The dye side doesn’t appear to be different from usual

Well if it really is top-side only then that would make it totally pointless. The only surface that has any importance on a DVD*R is the dye surface, I can’t beleive that they’d ignore that.

TDK aside, they all do (Tuffdisc, Datawrite “titanium” etc…), and they “ignore” it ON PURPOSE!

Pure marketing mambo-jambo! :Z

It’s far more complicated to have a scratch-proof surface on the recording side (only side which would need one of course), as it has to be transparent… it’s so easier (and cheap) to add some extra coating on the label side and make consumers believe it makes the disc “tougher”… LOL

As a sidenote, best resistance to scratch from “standard” discs, in my experience, is from… good old TY. :bigsmile:

This information is not correct.

Standard DVDs with a polycarbonate cover layer on the recording side of the disc do not resist scratches, dust and other debris. Imation DVD write-once and rewritable discs with proprietary ForceField™ Protective Coating add a unique, thin polymer layer of protection on the recording side — guarding against most everyday wear and tear that can interrupt maximum enjoyment of music, photo and videos. The media offers hassle-free DVD care and handling and will protect your precious memories for years to come.

There’s additional information and diagrams in this PDF file.

My local Target has these on clearance at a good price.

– Snowman

Yes it is (the part you quote at least). What was not correct, according to your source, is the assumption that these Imation discs don’t have an additional protective layer on the data side, but only on the top side.

The fact that they do have a protective layer on the data side is good news. :cool: - but personally I’d rather go for Maxell Pro line or TDK scratchproof. I don’t trust Imation that much (I could be wrong).

The fact that you dig this old thread makes me realise that I forgot to mention in my post above than concerning TY, only the CDRs have a good resistance to scraches, not their DVDRs. :frowning:

Oh, and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that, I only knew that CMC had plants in Taiwan, China, Mexico and Ireland (the former Kodak factory)…

In Europe, we have MII Moser Baer Imation media and we used to have MIT CMC media. I’ve even been able to get my hands on some TDK-made Imation media, Made in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg :smiley:

what about those TDK scratch proof discs that they;ve made such a big fuss about? Are all scratch proof cd’s/dvd’s hype?

I’ve been using the +R versions for several months now, exclusively for putting content on aimed at toddlers which is normally played and handled repeatedly to death. So far they’ve stood up very well.

I’m not so keen on the -R versions though as burn quality of the FUJIFILM03 is nowhere near as good as the +R MBIPG101-R04 discs.

Agreed. All marketing BS!!!