Review - eDonkey (a napster look-a-like) added!

I just posted the article Review - eDonkey (a napster look-a-like) added !!.

In our effort to bring you more articles and other quality info we present the second review: eDonkey. Take a look and you see what kind of program it is before you download it.

eDonkey is just…

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Hello I’m already using edonkey a little while(6 months or more). most of the time I’m using it to download movies and I have to say it really works, sometimes fast sometimes slow. It is really a great program, but ofcourse it is still growing there are still a few bugs here and there(for example it slowly takes all of your resources.) But if you’re looking for a good alternative for napster I think edonkey is good enough. An other alternative is ofcourse Filetopia(.com) greetings observer :7

Use KaZaA !!! Download the program from :4