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On this site stores that sell hardware and software are reviewed every week. After that the visitors can flame or praise them. Or give credits from 1-10 to them. Why not do this with the all warez dealers around? We are not afraid to get reviewed by an independant person. are you?

It's just a suggestion te keep some people busy, it's beginning to get very boring over here....

The Replicator


I totally agree with you Liquid.

This way customers can avoid bad dealers.

Voor Al Uw Cd’s !


I posted such a topic before, look at :

I think it’s a good idea


i could make that in php3/mysql
i also could make a dealers price watch where dealers could submit their cd’s and their prices for the cd’s…
this all isn’t very hard at all to make…

the only thing is… it’s very sensitive for abuse… especially the Dealer Review thingy… if anybody can react, anybody can flaim the dealer or praise them like 20 times…
The Dealer Pricewatch isn’t very abusive… For example, i could give every dealer an account so only they can add their own prices…
The thing is that dealers with low prices don’t have to be GOOD/FAIR dealers…
so that might involve in some sort of pricewar with the lowest prices…

if anybody has any suggestions/solutions to these ‘problems’ or think they are minor, i can always create that kinda thing…



Hi Duke,

A pricewatch isn’t exacly what I meant, I can also sell games for 3 bucks but you can guess the quality and speed if anyone orders. Nope, a pricewar isn’t what many dealers want.
But what many dealers and customers want is an INDEPENDENT review from one person. Everyone claims to be the best and reliable, well let the public decide. And that thing where 1 person can flame or praise the dealer for 20 or more times… DOESN’T that already happen on the forum!!! Like dealers who praise themselves by pretending to be someone else!

The Replicator


I like the dealers pricewatch plan!
You could make it that all members can vote how they like every dealer and then you can show the average grade for every dealer on the pricewatch list.
I hope you get what I mean here…