Review – Samsung E60 E-reader reviewed

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With the rise of ebooks gaining more and more momentum, MyCE proudly presents its first ereader review. We were able to test and review Samsungs E60 “electronic reading & writing device”, read further for the full Samsung E60 ereader review.

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The screen failed after 3 weeks. Samsung would not repair it under warranty. I purchased it from WH Smith and have noticed they have even stopped selling them. I can not seem to find anyone selling them through a Google search. Anyway the long and short of it Samsung have had my unit now for 6 weeks and it is still not repaired… From my experience the device is not a good one. The page turning is not smooth. The parts are obviously extremely fickle and tempremental. Samsung’s “Customer Sercive” is non existant in so far that they do not do what the say they are going to do. Do your own homework and look elsewhere.