Reverting back to the original firmware NEC2500a

Hi there

I just wanted to know how to revert my NEC drive back to it’s original state.

At this point in time it’s using the 2510 F9 firmware (Herries - I believe) and now I just want to change it back to a 2500a with the v1.0a firmware (official).

So far I have use BinFlash to dump the current firmware and have the NEC original firmware which is an EXE file which cannot be used as it does not recognise the modded NEC drive.

From memory I remember there was a program that would convert the EXE files to BIN in order to Flash.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

BTW The reason for all of this is that after nearly 2 years (?) of burning at 8x my poor old NEC is giving me Power Calbration errors.



Just used Binflash and used the EXE file - seems to have worked.

I bought my NEC 2500 a couple of years ago and it was new out of the box with V1.06 firmware. I flashed it to Herrie’s (107v2b5?) a week after I got it, and have now burned over a 1000 DVDs and still going strong! Let us know if you get it working again. With 1.0 firmware, media compatibility may be a problem.

Sounds just like what I did it and it has worked great.

Anyway I flashed it back to the original firmware for the 2500a ie v1.0a.

Used a Ritek G05 DVD-R disc to test it - started to burn at 8x at pick up and then burned solidly at 4x throughout the disc not dropping to any other speed. Still life in the old dog left :slight_smile:

For value for money this DVD Writer has been great - it was shame that it wasn’t too good a reader.