Revert from BenQ back to Philips

Hi, my DVD drive was originally shipped with Philips PBDV1640B frimware. A while ago I flashed it to BenQ DW1620 (B7w9). I think the BenQ firmware is making my drive run a lot slower and would like to flash back to PBDV1640. I have the PBDV1640 firmware but it says I cannot flash the BenQ drive? Any help would be appreciated

You can go “back” with CVT firmware posted in this thread.
But to be able flashing cvt firmware you’ll need WinDWFlash (link in my signature).

Shouldn’t BQflasher work also (using the standard firmware from Philips)?

Yes, it should. :iagree:
But I recommend WinDWFlash simply because it is more or less original flashtool for Nexperia drives, originally provided by Philips, IIRC.

magic, thanks pinto2 that worked great. Might just run a drive test using nero to find out which performs better on my machine, the P3.0 (or updated P3.7) or he BenQ