Revert Crossflashing from IHAS624 B to 224 B Problem, Help!




I need some help with this, and i be thankfull if any one can give me a hand.

I have a Ihas224 B, and i made a crossflashing for Ihas624 B

But i want it to revert and i use this:

24x B series recovery flasher:
iHAS 124 B stock:

form this page:

Thinking that it would make it to 224 B.

Now i have a IHAS124 and can´t get it to 224 B.

I have backup of original EEprom, but i don´t know what i need to do to put it again in 224 B.



I has not using the flash utility to reflash with 224 stock firmware.

When i do that every thing went right.