Revert back to old firmware

Hi guys,

Wondering how I can revert back to old firmware. After reading a post, I updated my Liteon SOHW 1633S which was at BS0Y to CS0T which was for the SOHW 1653S. I thought that would clear up the fact that my drive is not recognizing DVDs but to no avail. Is there anyway to revert back to the previous firmware? I tried using the BS0Y but it will not let me reinstall.


you can flash back with this firmware:

but i think your drive’s dvd laser is dead. there’s no way to fix this.

Thank’s chief. I thought it was probably dead but gonna give it one last try and hope that something works before buying another. It’s not that old and really doesn’t get use that much. One love.

Another question. Could this be a result of an additional dvd/cd located under device manager? I only have two optical drives but no matter how many times i delete one it keeps popping back up. SCIVAX DVD/CD-Rom SCSI CD-Rom device. Have no earthly clue what this goes to as I only have IDE optical drives. Tried disabling it but still no luck. Any suggestions?

look like a virtual drive. dou you have alcohol 52/120% or daemon tools installed?

That’s right. I think I do. Thought that might be it but wasn’t sure. Thanks chief.