Reverse engineering firmware for TS-L632H

Well, I wonder if it is possible to reverse engineer the TS-L632H CD / DVD drive firmware. There are several projects on the web that could help me with this:
ala42’s program MCSE
scanlime’s project CoasterMeIt (on github)
Repository for firmware’s, patcher’s etc for CD/DVD drives (forum rpc1 org)
Devilsclaw’s project Flasher
The first program is only to unlock the ability to change the region without limit, but maybe the source code of this program could help me achieve my goal (the author of this program is even on this forum, but I can’t send private messages to anyone so I don’t know how to contact him)? The second project is an attempt to reverse engineer the firmware to Samsung CD / DVD drives. This project (and the rest of the project in general) is dead and I have no contact with its author, but maybe someone would tell me how to contact him? The third project is a page with various firmware, patchers etc etc for CD / DVD drives that can also help me. And the fourth project is a program that dumps the firmware of the CD / DVD drive into a relatively readable form. Unfortunately, the program is incompatible with my drive, and I have no contact with the author of this program, but he was here on this forum so maybe someone will help me in this topic?

What exactly are you trying to achieve?

I forgot to mention. I want to enable scrambled mode on my drive

For starters, do you know what chipset is used in this model?

IIRC, toshiba/samsung drives were using mediatek chipsets for many years up until the TSST operation filed for bankruptcy in 2016.

Once you know what the chipset is, it is a matter of figuring out what assembly language dialect it runs on. (The firmware will be written in the machine code of this assembly dialect).

The question is whether disassembly of the firmware binary by hand, is worth the technical effort for what you want.