Reverse Channels on Audigy 2 ZS

Anyone know how to reverse the channels on a Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS in the Sound Card setting? I have no choice but to have my speakers positioned where they are so just swapping them over isn’t an option, and the wires are fixed into the speakers so disconnecting and reconnecting isn’t possible either.

Program files -> creative -> sound blaster audigy -> Creative speaker calibrator :wink:

That was the first thing I did, it just tells me to flip the cables which is impossible as they’re wired directly into the speakers. I can’t believe there’s not a option anywhere to reverse the channels. Ridiculous.

Most games allow you to flip left/right as well. I’m pretty sure winamp & WinDVD also allow you to reverse stereo as well.
Most programs would follow suit.

Maybe we should take this up with creative :wink:

Got any wire cutters? Factory wired wrong? Put a switch inline :wink:

That seems to be the best I can do. Still annoying though.