Reverse a video?

How can I reverse a WMV video? Adobe Premiere only accepts AVI files and I converted my WMV to an AVI with Xilisoft Video Converter Wizard 3 and when I tried to import the video onto Adobe Premiere (6.0 trial version) it said:
Unable to open that file.
File uses an unsupported compression format.

File path: C:\Documents and Settings\Tom\My Documents\reversethis!1.avi

What do I do? Is there a certain program to use that can reverse WMV video files? Is there a converter that will convert WMV files to AVI files and not get this error when trying this? What?

Try converting your existing avi to a dvd using Convertx2dvd.

What? That didn’t do anything. :sad:

Run AutoGK against your current AVI file and report the file stats here…

WinAVI free trial will do the necessary conversion, which you can add to the time-line in Premiere, then apply the reverse you require.