Revenge of the PIF!



OK bad joke :wink:

Anyhow on a lot of media on my NEC 3540 using Dee’s W2 firmware I tend to get a high PIF spike at around the 0.5 range. This impacts my quality score very negatively (To QS values as low as 0 sometimes even if the rest of the scan is good!).

Just wondering about it that’s all and wondering if others see similar things on their burners.


DeadMan, does that happens on all media you are using? Did you try to scan the disk in another drive?

I dont notice that kind of weird spike in all of my burners.


OK I guess it just varies from media to media. I tried some different media at different burn speeds and sometimes the spike is at 0.25, other times at 0.5, others at 1.0 and still others not at all so I guess it’s just variances in certain media. It’s all cheap media anyhow :wink:


I often have a spike around 2.2Gb when scanned in the benq…

Looks like NEC needs some tweaking.