Reuse buffer underrun cds

Hi! I just scrapped 4 cds because of “buffer underrun”… :a These cd are used at 5% of their capacity. Is there a program to scrap the data already written and use the rest of the cd? The cd are not RW… but i would like to use space remaining… Is there anyway to do it???


Nope sorry

nevertheless welcome to the forum Xzander :slight_smile:

You could use them for drinks coasters - hence the term ‘coaster’ for a CD that failed during writing.

As Hemispasm says, you can’t reuse the discs. However, it may be enlightening to try to work out why you got a buffer underrun - modern drives invariably support some kind of buffer underrun avoidance technology, which makes it very hard to finish up with a coaster from buffer underrun.

It may be worth checking that such an an option to turn on that drive feature in your software is enable - if it’s exposed to the user (it is in Nero).

If you post details of your drive and software, we may be able to advise you further.