Reun divx or dvd from external hard drive or uSB

Does anyone know of a DVD player or a bluray player that will play divx movies form an external hard drive or a USB stick?. I have an OPPO upscaler but it will not.

Maybe the player requires that the external HDD is formatted in FAT32.

Basically, every layer provided with an USB port should be able to play from an external drive :slight_smile:

thanks for the quick reply.
Being a noobie I did not explain myself well. The Oppo does not have a uSB and I was looking for suggestion to buy a new one, from someone that is doing exactly what I would like to do.

oops, sorry I misunderstood the question :o

Maybe you can purchase one of these :slight_smile:

well this might not be exactly what your looking for but i would recommend a original XBox console for playing DivX/XviD video files since you can use it’s internal hard drive for storage (roughly 4500-4700MB on it’s E partition on stock hard drive and if u get one with a Seagate you can use a program to format another partition (unused space) and get a additional 2GB of space on F etc)

plus not only can you store files on it’s hard drive you can play XviD stuff from dvd disc or stream video files from the pc to xbox through the network (router required for this feature to work though)

in my opinion a original XBox running XBMC (XBox Media Center) is easily the overall best DivX/XviD player out there.

Thank you for the quick replies and the link. I will read up on both suggestions. I will probably have other questions after reading these items. Thanks