Returning to Liteon, 5005

Looks like Liteon wants me to send back my unit. My only concern is what they will do to fix the following:

Green tint problem—my guess is add heat sinks.

Tuner hum noise problem --(heck if I know what they would do).

my only concern is they mess something else up in the process…then I out shipping…but I am going to see to get free shipping.

deadman, they want to send back your unit, or a replacement?..the trend has been from a few posters that sent in rma returns, the units were replaced.

I Talked To Tech Support On My Unit Sounds Like If They Cant Fix It They Send You A Repaired And Tested Unit. I Think When They Get Your Unit Just Ship You Another Repaired And Tested One. I Get Mine Back Fri.

yeah, well…i like the tuner fixed…but since its mono…i use the vcr.

If they get a new firmware for the green tint…I take that…

I just worried I get some refurbished one with other problems. Also spending 15-20 bucks to fix a problem that is on all their units is unfair.

at least they replied back to my email.

My unit is a december built 2004? does that mean units produced in 2005 have new fixes???

I Don’t Know Maybe New Fixes Or Maybe New Problems.

I’m With You On The Bucks They Should Pay Shipping Both Ways