Returning opened DVD-R's to WalMart?



i picked up a 30 pack of memorex dvd-r’s at walmart earlier… came home and they are media code RITEKG05… burned a test disc in CdSpeed… then ran a read check… and it failed at 15%…

so i burned another… same thing… so i took the disc out and looked at them in the light… and heres what i saw…

theres thousands of tiny “holes” that light shines through… on a good 20/30 discs…

i am going to take them back to walmart tomorrow… i hope they take them back… anyone had experience in returning media to walmart? wondering if im wasting my time


If anything, they will probably just give you another pack of crappy Memorex discs. Memorex has been the worst DVD media in my experiences.


Yup, Ritek, CMC Mag and a number of other MIT brands with varrying quality. I won’t touch Memorex with a 10 foot pole. They should take them back provided you show them why you are returning them, even technologically challanged people can’t argue with spotted discs.


You should take them back all…it is a sign of flaw the tiny holes shouldnt be present.


i’ve returned alot of open media (to compusa, bestbuy, staples). depending on brand, i have either gotten new media, store credit, or my money back. i can’t speak to walmart directly, but i would think you should not have a problem there.


Last week I returned a 50 pack media @walmart --opened-- with no problem. The lady asked and I just said that I don’t like it. Just show the receipt, you wont even need to show your credit card. The system will credit back automatically.


only good memorex are the prodisc and ricohjpn’s in my opion, i dont buy memorex since many years unless i know its the older ricohjpn stuff


WalMart will take anything back! :iagree:


Yeah, Prodisc has since taken a dive in quality. I agree that the RicohjpnR01 Memorex discs were great but they have since given way to crappier quality dyes. Not surprising for Memorex, which changes out Manufacturers more often than Mick Jagger changes out bed partners. :wink:


When you return them try snd find some Maxell Made in Japan, The walmart near me had these really cool 15 packs all different colors of 8x+ Maxell002 Made in Japan for 5.99USD. For 5.99 you can try them and I know Walamrt will take them back if do not like them, I took a pack of DVDs back and I used 5 of them and they returned all my money.


wal mart is like meorex, nothing bu cheap crap :slight_smile:


Yea, Wally World will take back anything, you just have to stick to your guns and not take no for an answer, ( ask to see manager if need be )

You can switch out for better brand

ALSO, an interesting note… they comp prices of competitors…
sales paper or not. they wont comp their own prices… so be sure to say Best Buy, target or such…

don’t be afraid to ask… whats the worst they can say, No?