Returning Memorex DL discs?

Anyone have any luck trying to return bad burn DLs to memorex? I know it is unlikely for retail stores to help, but i’m thinking that memorex should replace bad discs. i bought a 3 pack to try them with my NEC 3500. got a bad burn at 4x, dropped back to 2.4 and got a playable burn. so now i’m trying to decide whether or not to keep the other 25 pack i bought for $100. if memorex will replace the duds, it’s probably worth keeping if they will replace em. . . though i may just return em and buy a whole bunch more verbatim from (3 packs were $16 last week)


Most stores are pretty good about refunding for media that doesn’t work well with your burner. For refund they prefer store credit. Return the whole lot and get Verbatim. From what I have seen on this forum the NECs ( and most of the other burners) like it better.

NEC 3500A should work fine with those Memorex discs at 2.4x.

Well most of my stores you can return memorex withouth much problems. So I should try it if I were you.

What is the MID of this disc? Philips or Ritek?

I believe it was a Ritek. Will retailers, COMP USA in particular, actually accept returns of a couple of discs from a spindle?

Most retailers in europe would take this back no probs.

The Best Buy in my city won’t accept open spindles…

I’m afraid that Verbs are still the only reliable DL disc out there and at the price it hurts to have even one coaster.