Returning Bad Discs to Store?

Lets say I buy a spindle of Memorex, but instead of being media with a desirable code, it’s potentially bad media. Will most stores accept a return if I opened the box, but didn’t burn any discs?

Bestbuy does if you don’t have more than 3 disks used from what i read


If you find bad discs - most stores will take back - put big “X”'s on the bad ones and put them back in the spindle or case - so you are returning all of them - also helps if you save your receipt-


It’s probably best to check various stores policys before you buy (especially if you are not certain about the media. Policies vary from store to store. Fry’s will not take them back period (not even for exchange). Compusa will only exchange for the same kind (exact same brand and type). I have never had to return to best buy have heard they will take them back. I havent returned to circuit city either but have asked on two seperate occations and they say they will. Defanatly keep the reciept and return all the disks like Mike said (It will probably avoid hassels).

Many stores in my area won’t take back any opened media. Once you open the package they state that the product is yours and you have to take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty.