Returned RMAd 3540

Just got RMAd 3540 back from Newegg. The whole thing took less than a week - absolutely no hassle. Here are some scans. The last scan is why I RMAd the drive to begin with. 8x media at 12x. (Verb -R 8x).

The next scans are fujifilm MIJ TY +r @16x.

The next scans at TYG02 fw 1.01.

Next scans upgrade to 1.03 and rescanned one disc and burned TYG02.
Here’s my observation: The 3540 is fine with most quality media at rated speed. Unlike the BENQ there’s no tweaking. I have a 3500 that I am probably going to be retired to another computer. NEC didn’t do a lot to advance the 3540 over the 3500, which is rock solid.

The scan of the TY +R is much worse under 1.03 than under 1.01. The BENQ scan of the TYG02 is better burning with 1.03 than 1.01. I don’t know what any of this means however. :confused:

Maybe another f/w tweak or two for the 3540?

My 3540 died and the Newegg replacement seems to burn OK, but the disk quality scans are all over the place. I suspect the drive has problems, but the same disk may test 90% the first time, 35% the second, and 25% later. Don’t know what to trust.

tulsa & kdshapiro, would you mind sharing with us the last three digits of the serial number and the drive manufacture month? thanks :slight_smile:

I suspect NEC has a lot of QC deviation in their factories, some drives make great burns even with 1.03 while other drives just don’t take to 1.03 at all.

Sn, 56NKB37S112, June 05, and yes I have installed 1.03

Manufactured June 2005 Malaysia; Last 3 digits of serial no is 112.

Can anyone provide input as to what to look for when trying to find a 3540a which will provide accurate scans?

As an informal observation, it seems the new drive does not scan as well as the old drive. When I first got the 3540 I was very excited about it as an all around great burner to the 3500. Now, I’m just lukewarm to it.