Returned 4120b produces flaws at 12x



Hey there…

Today I got my (as it seems to me) new 4120b back, after I had to return the first one after only 8 weeks of usage, as it simply stopped working.
Now I have just tried my first burn at 12x on a Ricoh JPN R02 DVD+R and although the burning process was flawless, it turned out that in the area where the burner actually used 12x speed, there were minor flaws in the files (so the verification showed) and for reading the last file on the disc (all around 350 MB in size) my DVD Rom had to majorly slow down in order it verify it at all.

Is that a common problem? After all, the discs are for 8x burning only, and even though the writer can do 12x, is it safe?

I have thrown away the disc and will now burn the whole thing at 8x and verify again…

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Kill me. Kill me now.
I honestly do not get it.
I have now burned the disc at 8x, it looks good, but I cannot get my Pioneer to verify the files over the (so I think) 4x-8x threshold. Funny enough, it could read the first burn, that in the end turned out to be flawed.
The burner on the other hand can read all this fine, the data verification is ok, too, but still… something is weird. God, I hate things like that.
I will update to A110, I guess, can’t make it much worse, can it?

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So, a little update.
The disc burned at 8x with A102 verified absolutely a-ok, but the 4120b had to spin down to verify the final file.
I will now update the firmware to A110 and hope for a better result and a disc that can be read by my Pioneer 120. Crap.

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Just grand. A110 produced a disc that was not even recognized by the burner itself and could be read at the lowest speed possible by the pioneer dvd-rom up to the 300 MB mark where it decided to quit, too.
Like I have the money for all the discs.

I will go back to the original A102 from the german LG site and if that still does not give me better results I will send that damn thing straight back, preferrably to hell.

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Okay, it’s your call now. Shall I send it back or not?

All Ricoh DVD+Rs, 8x certified:

a) disc burned at 12x with A102, can be read in the dvd-rom, but has file-errors in the 12x area, plus the dvd rom has to spin down to read the final file, the burner cannot read the last file at all
b) disc burned at 8x with A102, can be read in the burner, verification is fine, dvd-rom cannot get around the 4x/8x threshold but can read “above” and “below”.
c) disc burned at 8x with A110, burner won’t read at all, dvdrom stops with an error message after being slow as hell
d) back to A102, burned at 8x, same as b)

What I do not get is, that the Pioneer 120 can read the discs fine when they have been burned with 12x max (despite the file errors) but CANNOT read them when they have been burned 8x max. Has anybody ANY idea?!

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You most likely got a badly refubished POS. Return it back.




I hoped for an answer like that… Because the very thought of that behaviour being normal makes me feel… ah, what the heck, I would not like it much.

Anyway, I Have another day to wait and see what others answer.
This sucks.

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Hi there…

I have just received a phonecall from the company the swaps optical drives for LG here in Germany and though they claim that the replacement drive I received was a new one, they will still send me another replacement and I just hope that all the errors the second drive produced are not normal… :confused:

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