Return to specific chapter using DVD remote

I’d like to be able to tweak navigation so that when I use Top menu button, I go straight to the chapter menu relevant to the part of the DVD I’m watching, rather than just to the title menu.

Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of the Top menu button, i.e. to return to the title menu? Well, to go to specific chapter menu, change of VM commands are necessary. There’s no clear method on how to do it as each DVD is authored differently. Without the files (shrinked menu vob and all the IFOs), I can’t be specific.

Sorry, I should have been clearer. I’ve got a button marked ‘top menu’ and one just marked ‘menu’ on my remote. ‘Top menu’ presumably equates to ‘title menu’ - when I use this it returns me to the ‘main menu’. The simple ‘menu’ button will either return me to the ‘main (title) menu’ or resume play (depending on the context).

It is the plain ‘menu’ button whose function I wanted to be able to tweak. I’m not sure what is the easiest and most appropriate way to provide the menu VOB & IFO’s - should I just do a screen capture of these from the DVDRemake file of the DVD concerned?

With the original DVD loaded, convert menus to still in the menu domain (VTSx/Menus). While in the same selected Menus domain, go to the Audio Tracks pane and disable the track - to further reduce file size. Then File/Export modified files to some folder. In this folder, zip just all the IFOs and the menu vob (VTS_0x_0.VOB). Upload the zip file to here. If it’s too big to fit in, upload to some file hosting site, e.g. I’ll take a look if it can be tweaked.

I created two DVD minisamples from two DVDs - the I Jones one and the B & B one. The B & B DVD has exactly the navigation I want for the I Jones one. I made these two mini DVDs by exporting them from DVDRemake as
est DVDs (with scenes cut at 1 second). I note that although the B & B DVD doesn’t have a VIDEO_TS.VOB file the mini B & B DVD and the full original (DVDRemade) DVD both work fine.

I’ve now uploaded these two mini DVD’s to (as zip files). They are downloadable from the project “http:/”.

Unfortunately somehow both zip files ended up at Savefile with the same name. The larger one is incorrectly labelled as B & B sample - this is actually the “I Jones” file (the one which I’m attempting to tweak). The smaller one is correctly labelled.

When I use Cyberlink PowerDVD to play the (genuine) B & B DVD the following happens:

  1. When I play the DVD then right-click, select menu, title menu, I am taken to the main menu.

  2. When I play the DVD then right-click, select menu, root menu, I am taken to the chapters menu to precisely the chapter that was just playing.

  3. When I then select a chapter menu (say, 5-8,), select a chapter, start playing this chapter then right-click and select root menu I am taken back to the chapters menu to precisely the chapter I was just playing (same as in 2) above)

On my Pioneer DVD’s remote the menu button ‘Top Menu’ is equivalent to the ‘title menu’ command in PowerDVD and the simple ‘Menu’ button is equivalent to the ‘Root menu’ command in PowerDVD.

I have tried to figure out what command or commands are used to make this happen so that I can emulate this for the I Jones DVD but have not succeeded. I guess if I had a reasonable grasp of C, or C++ I might have had a better chance of working this out. I do now realise that if I wanted to access the chapters menu using the menu button for the I Jones DVD I could just go to VTS 6, PGC 16 and set the menu category for that PGC to ‘Chapters’. However, it would be good to be able to navigate even more precisely.

The B & B DVD and I Jones DVD are in different situation. The menus for the B & B DVD are in different VTS than the movie, whereas the menus in the I Jones DVD are in the same VTS as the movie. Below are the steps for the I Jones. To explain the reasoning behind these steps is time consuming. It’s easy to do it than to explain. But you can actually use the debugger to run step by step and see how the navigation flows. It’s best that you reorganize the Registers and System Registers panes around so you can see everything at once. I put these 2 panes at the bottom of the window.

  1. In VMG PGC 1 (Title menu), insert pre-command R[4]=0 at line 1.
  2. In VTS6/Menu PGC1, insert pre-command “if (R[4] == 1) Link PGC 6” between lines 3 & 4.
  3. Delete all pre-commands in menu PGC 6.
  4. Copy ALL the pre-commands in menu PGC 6 from the attachment (project 2) and ‘Add copied’ in the same place in your project. I don’t want to type all these commands in here - it’s too long. Wish there is a Copy to clipboard in DvdReMake. It will save a lot of time.
  5. In menu PGC 10, insert pre-command R[4]=1 at line 1.
  6. In menu PGC 15, insert pre-command R[4]=0 at line 1.
  7. In menu PGC 18, insert pre-command R[4]=1 at line 1.
  8. In VTS6/Program chains/PGC1, add pre-command R[4]=1 at the end AND insert post-command R[4]=0 at line 1.

You should see all these additions and insertions in the attachment.

That’s it. Hope this works out for you. (63.4 KB)

Many thanks for the guidance & help I was able to modify the navigation exactly as I wanted. I’m very interested in how this was done and I have a number of questions! Let me just start with one: it seems clear that the set of commands you provided for Menu PGC 6 are the key to going to the relevant chapters menu when using the ‘menu’ button.

What I’m not really clear about is what these commands mean. It does seem that they fall into groups of three and that these groups relate to each of the menu chapters. The ‘if (R[0] != n) goto line n’ commands seem to be ‘skipping’ ones - if something is not equal to a given number, then jump to a given line (which then has a similar command).

I wonder if you can explain what the typical group of commands that follows actually means (what their effects are)? I notice that in the command R[1] = n the value for ‘n’ ascends from 1 to 3 for each group.

if (R[0] != 1) goto line 5
R[1] = 1
Link PGC 2

You’re right, menu PGC 6 is the key to go to the appropriate chapter button in the relevant chapter menu.

  1. R[0] contains the played chapter number, as indicated in line 1. R[0] is the temporary register that is used for any purpose.
  2. R[1] is the chapter button number 1-4. Look in the chapter menu, you’ll see that R[1] is used to determine which button to highlight. You see here that R[0] (temporary register) is being used for comparison.
  3. Take line 2, “if (R[0] != 1) goto line 5”, for example. Just read it from left to right. Translation: if the value in register 0 is not equal to 1, then goto line 5. If it’s equal, execute the next command below it, i.e. line 3. “R[1]=1” means assign 1 to register 1. “Link PGC 16” means just that - jump to PGC 16; if you press Ctrl+Space (Open Destination), it will automatically jump to PGC 16 for you.
  4. R[4] is used to determine whether to jump to the chapter menu or not. If is 1, it will jump; if it is 0, it will not. This register was unused so I use it for this purpose. The key is in the menu PGC 1 (Root menu), line 4. I place this before R[15] line because R[15] is used to determine whether to resume the movie or start from the beginning, as shown in menu PGC 10, line 6.