Return to Castle Wolfenstein?

I ran a scan with ClonyXL and it didn’t come up with anything. I tried SecureRom New detection but the game doesn’t need the CD to run, so it doesn’t detect it. It did find SecureRom New dll’s. Is there another way I can detect SecureRom New?..or do the dll’s prove it’s there?

If your original has a CD Key, it may have no protection according to surfacing reports.

Try CCD with just default read & write or use the saved settings available from each window.

Normally CD-KEYS are only needed when playing on the INTERNET/LAN it doesn’t mean the game don’t have any kind of protection … !

But if it runs without the CD then chances are it dosen’t have any protection at all !

( unless you have a pre-cracked ISO on your hands … which you don’t of course )

This is just my polite way of saying that it has a CD-Key and no protection

I also noticed that the game doesn’t need a CD to play in either single or multiplayer games. According to ClonyXL it should be Secure ROM new. In case so, I enabled Sub Channels and made a copy. Runs fine (but CD is not necessary). Also was able to play with the same CD key over the “home made” LAN, without CDs of course.
It almost what happened with Tribes 2 but later the problem was fixed.
Some people enable both sub channels and Fast Error Skip. But I don’t get why.

Actually It’s some kind of Demo Check (according to GameCopyWorld) but I can’t figure out what it means.

I copied the game using SecureRom New settings. The copy installed and ran fine on my other PC.

this game can be copied with every recorder and every program…
it has no protection at all…
i bought the game and wrote it for somebody…with no options…
just regular read and write with clone…ah well i put the “stop at readfault on”…so…

The CD key is required on install, but there is no protection other than this (european version)

this game is protected by what is called CD Check. it can be copyed with any software.

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