Return to Castle Wolfenstein (gossip talks here)

Seen the pics on PCPowerplay (AU) yesterday, and the screenshots look pretty cool. One question I’m wondering is why so many of the Nazi soldiers wear sunglassess of some sort that I think wouldn’t be the trend in the '43s

Anyone else played the original (Wolf3D) and waiting how this sequel will turn up too?

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Anyone else played the original (Wolf3D) and waiting how this sequel will turn up too?

haven’t played any Wolfenstein before but am playing the demo every day now! :wink: Waiting for the ISO to arrive! :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember Wolfenstein 3-d, that one of the first person shooters to become famous. Then doom, dukenukeum, quake. and all the ones to follow. Damn I wasted many many hours on all those games and if I could find the discs, I would probably play wolf3d just for giggles and such. Havent had the opportunity to play the demo yett…

Same here, played Wolf3d until I got dizzy. Then there was the ‘Spear of Destiny’ expansion, two of 'em really. played that too. out of many ideas for game, the simple ones often work the best.

Out of many FPS faces, wolf3d’s (BJ blackwiz or so…) was memorable, I remember when his health was around 15% or so and his chin then looked swollen and one eye closed totally. haha.


ps: saw the E3 trailer on gamespot, jesus - what’ve they done to him now, look like bad plastic surgery result.

MayB we could arrange some place so all CDFreaks members can play against each other…

Oh the blood and carnage would be everywhere. That is an idea, Id be interested, if you could pull me from conquers long enough

Anybody who wants to find the oldie Wolfensteins, try searching for “Abandonwarez”

Youll find not shareware, but full-version!

That is one of the first games I burnt to a cd, back when I was learning how. Times have changed and game sizes have really shot up in the last few years, I remember when games came on a 360 k disc, and now some are on 8 or more cd’s, but of course back years ago games really sucked.

Hmm does anybody know if the old wolf3d did multiplayer?
Interested and need to see if I can find the old copy of it,
The new should(i havent looked the website yet)

The old Wolfenstein has no multiplayer at all (well, at least its not showing on the game menu) – but i’m pretty sure it doesn’t since that game was packed into two 5 inch disks so the game size is max. 2MB And the earliest game that I remember have multi is Doom which is lot bigger.

Nonetheless, its 6 episodes single player is fun, you get to play with fake hitlers and real one too. I have it on warez compilation CD, but the CD is all scratched up and have that watery look although the CD is dry.

I’m scared of putting this CD on my burner (my only CD drive), as it costs me $500 plus to get this thing :slight_smile:

Eh, just pop it in your burner… DOn’t worry, there is almost no chance a bad CD will ruin your drive… All that will happen is your drive will not be able to read it and you take the cd back out!

I happen to find a copy of beyond wolfenstein the other day, it s like 2 megs and the graphics are really cheesy.

I want the new version

the official wolf3d site there ya can d/l the demo…

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the official wolf3d site there ya can d/l the demo… [/B]

Yes, and the demo is only 64MB! :stuck_out_tongue: And can only be played online!

57 mbs actually…

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57 mbs actually…

There are 2 demo’s out at the moment. It’s the same level, they only changed a few things!

demo1: 64MB
demo2: 57MB


I like demo 1 more, and I think it’s quicker, don’t know, just feels like that! :slight_smile:

ow guess we were both correct then :smiley:

btw d/l demo1 now :slight_smile: