Return policy for lite-on drives (Lite-On DH-20A4P)



[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On DH-20A4P. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]HI,

My DH20A4P (9P59) behaves strangely, and I’m taking into consideration the hypothesis of returning it to the seller. Here in Italy, within 15 days you can have the product changed, if defective, or you can even ask for a refund. But now it’s already 20 days I have it, so I must send it through mail (I bought it from a WWW shop), then wait God knows how many months, etc…, so you may understand why I’m hesitating. Moreover, the drive actually works, except that:

  • CDs are burned very badly, with several C2 errors even on TY media (like Verbatim Pastels), which is innatural. Nero “verify Written Data” function discards the discs in every case. However, the drive reads easily CD-Rs written by other burners, CD-ROMs, etc. It doesn’t recognize CD-RWs as such, and these must be erased with other drives, then they can be burned, again with bad results.
  • DVDs are burned fine (according to scans made with other drives). However, the lite has many difficulties in reading DVDs. If I try to copy a data DVD - known good - just some files would be copied, before an “Invalid MS-DOS function” error appears. Nero Verification also fails in every case. However, as I said, all DVDs, until now, had been burned correctly, with quite low PIF/PIE error averages, and are easily read by other drives.
  • If I try to flash the 9P59 firmware (not an upgrade then, just the sole firmware available on the Lite-on site) I get immediately an error, and the flashing doesn’t start. Also, several utilities from Codeguys don’t work (e.g., the EEPROM utility doesn’t save anything).
    Well, of course DMA mode is enabled, I swapped cables, I’ve tested the drive with two different PCs (Win2KSP4 & WinXPSP2), etc. etc.

So, what do I do? Have it replaced? Would they make some stories?

Thanks a lot for you patience.


Just my opinion:

If you are within the warranty period, the manufacturer can repair it if they think it is defective or they can replace it with a refurbushed model.

If they find evidence that you flashed your drive, especially with a third party firmware, they could void your warranty.


If the drive is flashed back to stock f/w, I doubt anybody is going to check that closely. Especially if it hasn’t been cross flashed to another model.