Return of NeroEraseDisc

Hi All,

I’m looking for some documentation about the error codes returned by NeroEraseDisc. I’m trying to erase a disc which is not supported by my burner. The NeroEraserDisc method fails and returning a negative integer value. I should take care of this value to stop the burn process and alert the user. That’s why I need some details about such error code.

Thanks for your help

Generally, the best practise is to first call NeroGetCDRWErasingTime and if it succeeds, call NeroEraseDisc afterwards. The current implementaion of NeroEraseDisc returns the same codes as NeroGetCRRWErasingTime but this is not documented and perhaps it is best not to rely on this.

The error values for NeroGetCDRWErasingTime are documented in NeroAPI.h.

Thanks for your suggestion.
I tried, but unfortunately in my particular case - CD 16x not supported by my burner, NeroGetCDRWErasingTime returns a valid value (120s). Only NeroEraseDisc fails with a negative error code.