Return ND2500A or buy DVD-ROM?

Bought a NEC ND2500A recently, and had a few trouble getting the media right:

But now i’ve got a problem with reading original DVD’s that are the slightest bit mucky or scratched. The NEC ND2500A cant read these to decrypt or play (but they play ok in standalone player - so cant be that bad).


  • Do I return the drive and ask for a different one?
    (if so - which one?)

  • Or do I just buy a DVD-ROM drive?
    (if so - are there any DVD-ROM drives that are known for this same problem that I should stay away from? Also, would it be OK to get a NEC DVD-ROM like the DV-5800?- simply because it’ll look nice sat next to the ND2500A, or should would this drive have the same problem as it’s ‘burning big brother’?)

cheers in advance…

The NEC 2500A is one of the best (if not the best) dual format burners on the market when it comes to write quality.
I would suggest getting a DVD-ROM drive to accompany it.
The most popular recommendations for DVD-ROM drives are the LiteOn (JLMS) 166 or the Toshiba 1712.
See the discussion here:

The Plextor PX-116A is also considered a very good DVD-ROM. It is a rebranded Pioneer that’s pretty high quality.

I have the LiteOn 166S. Mine has been great so far, but the “Plextor” appears to have been built more solidly. Also, my vote too goes to buying a DVD-ROM rather than returning the NEC 2500A.