Return from sohw832s back to 822s



is there a way that i can move back to the original oem firmware?


Yes but you will need a copy of the 822S firmware and the firmware tool.


its not one of those .EXE files, it upgrades through burning the firmware in a cd and restart the computer and start upgrading from reboot. How do i upgrade with that?


I badly need the same file. If someone could email me at that would be great. I’ll send you the right tools if you happen to have the drive and if you want to do a hack to yours.
However, someone ASAP send me a message!


Have just sent it to your e-mail address


Me too, please :slight_smile:


CodeKing :bow: :bow: :bow: & jasonbored, i have to split it into 2 smaller files because I can’t e-mail more than 2MB.


CodeKing :bow: :bow: :bow: ,Pinto2,jasonbored. Have sent all of you proper .bin firmware (vppe), if you couldn’t/can’t use the .exe


For all others go here

This is the proper HP .exe installation file.


Thanks for the VPPE file, The Black Wizard. :smiley:

I’ll check it out as soon I’m back at home.



@The Black Wizard
Received the files. Thanks for that :slight_smile:


I think i damaged my 822s. Everytime after I push eject, pop a disc in, then push eject button again to close, the drive would make a noise that sounds like this: “ka jit”



Where you having any problems while your drive was crossflashed to a SOHW-832S?


no, but i think i flashed it back and forth too much. Or maybe something to do with the official 832s firmware.


Could just be a mechanical fault unrelated to firmware…


Maybe a siily question,
If you were not having any trouble as an 832S, have you crossflashed back since the problem started?


can u edit posts … 3 in role … for me is too much


Do you mean flashing back to 822s? If so i havent because i dont have that firmware anymore. I’ve tried using the OEM firmware from HP, but since the drive ID changed, the flash program didnt work. Sigh, if only i have backed up the 822s firmware before cross-flashing it to 832s, then i could return it to the original status.


So just to clarify, your drive, a Lite-On SOHW-822S(HP OEM), is currently crossflashed to a SOHW-832S. You have begun to have problems with the drive as a crossflashed 832S, so you would like to flash back to your ORIGINAL drives firmware.

If this is so, DON’T PANIC :iagree: . I have an original 822S firmware.
Here it is SOHW-822S
Here is a README on updating [Readme]( to Update Lite-On&Sony.htm)
Here is a README on LtnFW [Readme]( to use Lite-On Flash + Lite-On Region Protection Control.htm)
Hope this helps the cause


Omg, thanks!! You’re a life saver. Hope this will fix the problem, but if it doesnt then oh well, i still got the maddog 16x(3500a).