Return 832S, get a 1213S instead?

I bought a SOHW 832S a few days ago. It’s not as perfect as I thought, getting a few coasters (failed burn with error message), and had difficulties getting PS2 backups to work (out 2 brands of 4X DVD-R I tried, only one brand could get a working copy, and that requires me to use 2X speed). Nonetheless, as I became more familiar with this, I’m slowing getting an idea how to get things done with it.

Then I found that 1213S is out, and it’s even cheaper than 832S! (At least from the shop I buy from) Now the dilemma is, 1213S does not support DL nor 12X with DVD-R’s yet, but a simple firmware upgrade may change everything.

1213S = faster writing, potentially bright future? But also risk that no DL will ever be possible
832S = safe bet, guaranteed DL. But that’s it, no future. Slower burning even@8X (because of the lies of Z-CLV), and only 40X CD-R not 48X

What would you choose if you were in this situation? I know most people will tell me to stay with what I currently have, but I know so well that if, in the near future, the 1213S does prove to have the headroom for every goodness (DL, 12X DVD-R, or even a 16X hack?) it’s going to feel quite bad. Unfortunately, I’m a poor student and can’t afford both, and I want my writer to last for quite a number of years. I don’t use the writer for reading, only for writing discs, so ripping quality is irrelevent.

I’m not in a hurry of writing a lot of DVD’s, either. Even if the writing quality of 1213S is poor in the short term, I can live with it. The question really is, shall I expect Liteon play around with 3S design and create higher end models that differ only on the firmware? Or can Liteon make a 4S anytime soon, and replace 3S?

Try VS08 with your new 832s and see how it goes.

If you are experiencing “coasters” then most likely something is wrong other than the 832s or you have a “defective” 832s because while it may not be perfect (though my KPROBE scans have been as good as anyone else’s with a new 812s that’s now at 832s VS08 & I know the drives are not so “bad” that you would be getting coasters so early on unless something “else” is mis configured

If you have an N-Force NVidia based chip set on your motherboard & are having problems when burning like coasters resulting form your PC “freezing up” be sure to change your IDE driver to the MS default driver if you are using the NVidia enhanced IDE driver.

The latest NVidia drivers are supposed to “fix” that issue but for my board <MSI K7N2-Delta> still has problems with the newer NVidia drivers (both with my 411@811 and brand new 812s), so that’s antihero thing to check out before “giving up” on the 832s.

Besides the when I have NVidia IDE drivers loaded I have actually NEVER had a single “coaster” produced from my 411@811 which I have been using since January probably burning about 300+ DVDs and 20+ CD-R/RW’s! Even though my KPROBE scans were not very good (avg of 400 on almost all media types) with the 411@811 it has been a “solid” burner which is one reason why I chose to stick with Lite On in purchasing the 812s.

The only issue with the 411@811 was that some disc’s would have difficulty playing back (pausing, freezing etc.) in two older DVD players but in my newer Sony DVD set-top player every DVD that I have backed up has played just fine, I probably didn’t really “need” to upgrade to the 812s/832s because I don’t intend on doing much DL burning at a super slow speed of only 2X anyway (with dual layer media being almost 2X the size of single layer disc’s and to me 4X single layer burns taking too much time <16 minutes> -can you image how much time it will take to burn full DL disc’s at 2X? Over an hour!

So I’m not too worried about the current burner’s abilities to burn DL media as I think in the near future dual layer burners will have to get “faster” right?

If DL is very important to you, maybe you should wait until there are faster DL burners out there? Unless you don’t mind the idea of making 1 hour plus long burns all of the time?

Can someone tell us if dual layer burners will be capable and show up soon that will burn at least 4X and maybe even 8X or is it “not possible” for dual layer burners to exceed the 2X limit?

Since I already had a 832S, I bought a 1213S. :slight_smile: But I also feel adventurous. The prospect of DL for the 1213S isn’t that far-off, either. It really depends. If you are brave, get the 1213S. If you want a drive that’s true and tested, stick with the 832S.

my 1213 comes tommorow! :smiley: the poor tdk i had prolly still blinking its orange light on the Officemax shelf where i returned it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine too! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

And equally exciting is that I should be getting a +R DL by the end of the week! Finally, I can have fun with my 451S@832S and not just watch C0deKing get all the +R DL burning pleasure. :wink: Hehe. rubs hands This is gonna be a fun week!

Or can Liteon make a 4S anytime soon, and replace 3S?

There is no “4” series. The next series will be a completely new “5” series chassis with an unknown new chipset and OPU. 3S is the end of the line for these drives.
The “3” series is a long way away from being reliable without considerable firmware tweaking, and is not a drive for the faint of heart to spend their hard earned money on.

If you want a coaster-free burner, get a NEC or Pioneer. I’ve burned a few hundred in mine, and have not seen one single coaster in the bunch. I’ve gotten plenty of good burns from LiteOn, but lots of coasters too.

Or the much more mature LiteOn 51S and 2S series. 3S hasn’t come close to reaching the 51S/2S maturity level yet. :sad: