Retuning Toshiba D-R18DTKB dvd video recorder

Hi,has anyone else had trouble retuning their Toshiba D-R18DTKB dvd video recorder?
I have had to retune mine atleast once a week,maybe i am doing it wrong but i have the new channel Quest.
Please can someone describe how they retune theirs,i need to know if its me or the damn machine.
I would be grateful for any help

Welcome to the forum. :flower:

It’s hard to say. A browse through the manual might help you find out if you’re doing something wrong:$FILE/Manual_D-R18DTKB.pdf

:slight_smile: Thanks for your reply negritude,i had to retune it 5 times on december 2nd,it seems ok for now although the picture looks wobbly
sometimes then is fine again :confused:
I will try the link you posted to see if it helps.Thanks :kiss: