Retrpspect Express

I have this software to retrieve files from my external hard drive and I have been trying to work on it for the last two weeks!

Any idea on how I even approach restoring some of these files? Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what software I should use?

Or is there a link with step step help?

Has anyone used this software for restoring? I know its really good for back-up, but as of now, it is not helpful for restoring files that are in an external hard drive.

I’m so lost.

Hope to see some responses.

Please give more information. What operating system? What is wrong with the files on the exteranl drive? Are they corrupted in some way? Was there a disk crash? I’m not familiar with Retrospect Express but did you use this program to backup files and are now unable to restore them? How did the files get on the external drive? Can you veiw the files in Windows Explorer? If so, have you tried drag&drop?