Retrospect turns DVD+RW into CDs. LiteOn 4.11s

Trying to configure Retrospect with my new drive, it has turned two DVD+RD disks into CD. I have tried rebooting and erasing the DVDs with Nero 6. I can still write to them as DVDs with Nero 6, but when I look at the files in Windows Explorer, it also reports that the file system is CDFS and sees the drive as a CD. (But on startup with no media in the drive, Explorer says it’s a DVD drive.)

Even before I worry about getting Retrospect to work, I’d sure like to get my DVDs usable again as DVDs. Is there any way to do this? Nero doesn’t have any “format” command. I thought that doing a quick erase and copying new data would have that effect, but it didn’t. Still a cdfs file system.

Dantz Retrospect 6.5 Pro with Windows XP Pro, LiteOn 411s drive, Memorex 4x DVD+RW media. For other utilities, I have the PowerDVD and Sonic MyDVD that came with the drive but haven’t been installed yet. I was getting general advice from the Newbies forum before I installed them, but then this new problem occurred.

CDFS probably means that you wrote the discs in ISO format. I wouldn’t be surprised if Windows refers to an ISO format DVD as being in CDFS. (I write DVDs in UDF format, which is why I don’t know).

So far as the name of the drive goes, then assuming you’re using Windows XP, the name is only cosmetic. Sometiems Windows seems to think any drive is a CD drive - it seems to be the default when it’s unsure for any reason.


The word from Dantz (Retrospect publisher) is that I’m screwed. Retrospect has trashed two DVD+RWs, and likely would do the same if I tested a DVD-RW. Maybe someday they’ll test a Lite-on like the 411 and create a custom driver, but don’t hold my breath. The tech support person said I probably cannot recover the DVDs from what Retrospect did to them.

If I had purchased my software update directly from Dantz I could get a refund. But I got it from a dealer, so I’m stuck. The software will still work with my DAT tape drive, but I wanted to replace it with the DVD. That was 95% of the reason for buying the DVD burner.

Now I’ll have to look for some freeware backup software.

I’m using the ‘competition’ - VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows Servers 9.1.

Backup Exec’s approach to CD and DVD writers is crude but effective. You define a removable backup to disk device by drive letter - then use either packet writing software or DVD-RAM if your drive is DVD-RAM capable. I’ve got InCD installed alongside my NEC ND-2500A for the sole purpose of use with Backup Exec (I don’t otherwise use packet writing).

To be honest, backup to DVD capability is a bit of a toy for me - I’m fortunate to have a DDS-4 tape drive and a 160GB hard disk which has the primary job of being for backup to disk files. Backup Exec backs up to the hard disk first, then automatically duplicates the backup sets it has just made to DDS-4 tape.



DavidW, our discussion in Recording Hardware about ASPI issues led me to a solution to my software problem.

As I describe in much more detail in that other thread, I just discovered and used a hidden feature of Retrospect to bypass ASPI. Then it worked fine with my DVD+RW drive and media.