Retrofitting a PX-708UF

The PX-708UF external was one of my few regrets in optical drive purchases. Extremely picky about media (even recognizing their presence), ancient firmware which did not have media table entries for most commonly used DVD blanks, did not support most Plextor “Advanced functions”, and not such a great reader either.

It’s been sitting on the shelf in a stack of drives for years. I know this is a crazy question, but something moved me to want to try to swap drives into this case. Are there speed limitations in the USB-ATAPI bridge board which would limit burning speed severely? Physical differences which would prohibit the swap-in of a standard form-factor ATAPI drive? Specifically I’m thinking of putting my Plextor Premium CD-R in there, or a late-ATAPI-era DVD burner from LiteOn.

Is this a pipe dream?

Well, IMHO there is no build in artificial speed limit in the USB/ATAPI-bridge.

My experience since my first external USB2.0 drive enclosure is that the old enclosures had a weak performance, 16x DVD was not possible, some chips had even problems with 8x DVD. The PX-708 read DVD-media at 12x, I hope the used bridgechip is strong enough for that :wink:

In general the enclosure is fast enough for every CD-RW-drive, the DVD-speed should be tested with CD Speed or something.

I don´t know the inside of this case, so I can´t answer this question. I can only say the newer optical drives are shorter than the old drives, maybe the cables are to short for newer drives

Thanks, I might give it a whirl. I think the faceplate is going to be the biggest physical issue and, if so, it’s not worth the trouble.