Retrieving WMA protected files

I wrote this earlier but the thread was so ancient I am not sure anyone reads it, maybe this subject is too obvious to you guys to respond but not too a dummy bird-nerd.

I am a beginner.
I want to retrieve some WMA files that I copied from my hard drive onto a CD (I thought as back-up). My PC has been re-formatted and now does not recognise them, I cannot even play them. I have tried Tunebite but Windows Media 10 would not allow them to be accessed.
I had a problem with installing Tunebite, I got the message to manually go to Sound and Audio Device Properties and select Virtual cable 1 In for Audio Playback but I only have OUT options. Otherwise Tunebite is installed but this could be the problem.

I tried installing MUVAudio but it needs Microsoft.Net Framework 1.1 W/sp 1 and my system would not let me install this, god know why I have XP Pro SP1. So I gave up there.
Up a particular creek without a paddle

I have had one personal message to say that this is impossible.
If you know of a way please let me know. I am currently trying to find the 70+ albums which I have lost.