Retrieve photo's on from a CD from 2000

Dear sirs and ma’ams,

I’m from Belgium and my grandmother passed away 2 days ago.

Now we are looking for photo’s and we burned a bunch in 2000 on a CD. Now we can’t read it anymore (not on mac nor windows 10,in a dvd writer, BD writer starts to block when i try)

I tried several programs and “Recuva” says: “Unable to determine file system type”

What can I do so I can read the cd rom and retrieve the photo’s we had from my grandmother?

ps: the cd is 100% UNDAMAGED

Try ISOBuster. There is a free version you should use first. Click on the Download button instead of the Buy Now button on their main page.

There is also ISOPuzzle, a freeware program. But I’d try ISOBuster first.

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I second ISOBuster, but the drive must be able to recognise the disc.

For difficult to read discs, writers are almost invariably better than read-only drives. And DVD writers are often better at reading CDs than CD writers. In my experience Lite-On or Samsung Mediatek-based DVD writers are very good at reading degraded CD-R discs.

But it is worth trying as many different drives as possible to see if one will read the disc. This is especially true if there is a problem at the start of the disc in the lead-in - if you’re lucky, one drive can magically read a disc which a dozen others failed to recognise at all.

Good luck.