Retrieve from cd database

Is there no timeout when retrieving the audio track names if it don’t find any info? It just sits there with the progress bar, and there is no way to cancel, well using the killall nero works :slight_smile:

And does it work, I have tried different cd’s that I know are in the dbase. Because it work in other applications like serpentine, and also if I search directly at

You mean, Nero Linux keeps hanging when you query disc information in the ‘Save Tracks’ dialog?

Yep that’s correct, it hangs totally and it will not retrieve anything.

This is somehow a known issue. We discovered this bug too late for adding the fix to the release, but basically Nero Linux just hangs when no match is found on the FreeDB server.
Our internal build is already fixed, so the fix should be available with the next release as well

Ok. well the cd is in the db at freedb, have search thier website and it’s there.
Just to wait for next release and see.

I have found the same thing it does not work at all for me, but saving tracks works fine.