Retrak VOD Report: The state of Video on Demand & movie streaming

Retrak VOD Report: The state of Video on Demand & movie streaming.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Market researcher and performance analyst Rentrak released the "Rentrak State of VOD: Trend Report 2010" this week. The blandly titled missive, which tackles video on-demand's annual performance, thankfully found something a bit more exciting among the source material: growth within the still burgeoning video on-demand market, and some proof which supports the notion that the convenient method is becoming a staple in mainstream home entertainment.

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Perhaps a moot point., consider what’s come out of Hollywierd for the last 20 years
and you’ll probably agree that crap is crap. Doesn’t matter how you get it.
Have had VOD on my Cable Box for years and have never used VOD.
Vast majority of their programing is for either the “Bubah or Oprah” set.
On the very rare occasions that they have something actually worth watching I generally already have the DVD.

Don’t use VOD at all. They want more than I want to pay just for convenience, and most of what I’d watch on VOD is available a few blocks away at the local supermarket in the RedBox. $1 a night…heck, kinda hard to beat that.