Retime subtitles PAL-NTSC?

What software can I use to adjust subtitle timing, and specifically is there something I can use to retime a whole subtitle track by a factor of 4,03%, that is, take it from a PAL disc and put it on a NTSC disc of the same movie ? Not talking about converting the movie itself, mind you, just adjusting the subtitles timing and I’m talking about DVDs, not avi/divx/whatever.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Use DVDSubEdit.


What about the extraction and adding phases, i.e. what do you use to extract a subtitle track from the original DVD and add it to a different one (I could replace one of the existing subtitle tracks in the destination DVD with the one I’m importing if that’s somehow easier than actually adding a further subtitle track, and sorry if any of these questions sound dumb but I really have no idea :wink: )? Thanks again.

BTW - I’ve been reading related stuff here and there, and I’d just like to add that my intention is to keep all menus and goodies as they are (e.g. I’m checking Excalibur’s guide but it seems it’s meant for main movie only without additional titles) - hence my questions. Thanks :slight_smile:

If you have read Excalibur’s guide, then you might have seen my posts regarding extraction and adding subtitle. Well, I see DVDSubEdit can now extract subtitle in SRT format (Please note that I have not fully tested it yet). You can change the texts for the language you want to add. Then convert it to sup format using SubtitleCreator, for example.

To maintain full functionalities, here are the general steps for added subtitle track:

  1. First demux video, audio, subtitle tracks using PgcDemux (include celltimes.txt for chapter info). Take note of the audio delay, if any. So save the log as well for reference.
  2. Get the new subtitle file ready.
  3. Use MuxMan to mux all of them back along with the newly created subtitle file.
  4. Use VobBlanker or DvdReMake Pro to replace the original movie VOB.
  5. Use PgcEdit or DvdReMake Pro to fix the menu navigation to reference this added subtitle track, and modify the subtitle menu background with an added menu button.

Lots of work in these general steps. If you’re just replacing subtitle, then in step 5 you just modify the menu background to change the button graphics to reference the new subtitle.

Tip: Test the MuxMan output first before going to step 4. If you have sync issue or subtitle display problem, you have to fix that first.