Retaining Dolby Vision

Curious is anyone has a working process for making a UHD main movie rip to a M2TS file that retains Dolby Vision HDR?

There’s no workflow for MKV it seems. I’m using an Oppo 203 for playback. Pretty sure if I can get an M2TS rip with DV intact, the Oppo will play it.

Have you tried playing back an ISO rip from DeUHD?

No. I don’t have a playback device any more that would both support ISO and be DV capable. Need a tool or a workflow to get the main movie ripped out into a transport stream format and then see if the Oppo triggers DV mode.

Have you tried pulling the main M2TS (assuming it isn’t branching) from the ISO and playing it on the Oppo?

I had thought too, but haven’t tried it. At least as a test. I assume I can have MakeMKV or Deuhd decrypt it, then just copy the file straight off.

It would be good to know at least if that plays with DV. Then step 2 will be remuxing out just the main movie components.

There’s no publicly available spec for DV. Until one comes out one way or another, all that can really be done is to make an ISO and play it back on DV-capable equipment.