Retailers offering credits/refunds to early HD DVD adopters


As the smoke clears from the former battlefield of the HD format war, multiple retailers are reaching out to customers who ended up on the losing side. The particulars and restrictions of the various rebate/refund offers vary, but all of them are aimed at helping customers who recently bought HD DVD players make the jump to Blu-ray.



I am still waiting for any announcement from Circuit City where I bought my Toshiba “A3”.

I wonder if Sony is footing some of the bill for this coercion to “jump to bluray”.

I don’t guess I would automatically assume that no HD-DVD means that people will jump to BD. I know my A-3 is going anywhere.

No, I think if anything consumers that bought HD-DVD will adopt Blu-Ray extremely slowly because they don’t want to get burned again with a format that becomes dead technology. There is too much talk about current Blu-Ray players not being able to play Profile 2, BD+, or newer organic BD-R that will all be more common in the future…

Well put. As for Sony footing the bill? On the trade-in/credits I can believe that but definitely not on the likes of the Best Buy gift cards. I am so thankful I purchased from a place that is giving me the giftcard. After doing the math my total investment in my A3 is around $45 (and this doesn’t even include the value of The Bourne Identity or the possibility of 5 more free movies via the mail).

Just got a call from best buy today about the gift card. Can’t wait. :smiley: