Retailers lowering Blu-ray prices

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Many say that the high price of both high-definition players and content stops them from buying Blu-ray. Retailers believe now is the time to change this and after Wal-Mart’s $100 gift card now also…

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Why would anyone want wo buy a profile 1.1 Blu-ray player when profile 2.0 is right around the corner? Maybe I’m blinded by my quad-filtered hatred for Sony and Blu-ray, but this looks like more smoke and mirrors. I can start viewing HD for just over $300? They’re assuming I have an HD television, which I don’t. So, lets recap. 1 Blu-ray movie - $14 1 Blu-ray player - $298 1 Sony HDTV (1080p) - $1,500 to $6,000 Bending over and taking it like a man from Sony - priceless.
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Probably because most consumers don’t have a clue that profiles even exist and will be lured simply by the reduction in price. Sony and the retailers aren’t about to educate them :wink:

yep, they are probably getting rid of their 1.1 stock by lowering the prices. Average consumers wont have a clue about profile 2.0. Those of us in the know wouldnt pay current prices, especially with 2.0 players coming. Sony increased prices since hd-dvd died, no competition now, no cheap players for a LONG time.

Eheh, I’m telling you that, by Christmas time, with Blu-Ray prices plumeting, the anti-Sony mob will have to change their tune and find other reasons, not price, to explain why the masses need to avoid Blu-Ray. :d And, if the tune is “profiles, profiles”, you already know that is doomed. Only very tech-savy people understands and knows about this. It will be a non-factor for the normal consumer.

I would not forget that Amazon pricing are mainly for US always. Purchasing these outside US would add import tax and VAT leading to about 40$ a pop… -Amazon UK prices dropped from 25pounds to 18 (still 30$) - Amazon France average €23 (still 30$) - Amazon US average 25$ No matter few are cheaper, it’s the average price that should be used as indication… Good it is dropping but there could be different reasons… Toshiba rumors on it’s superior DVD format could lead to lowering prices and try rush more people into Blu-ray. Second could be the fact that people become aware of the 2.0 standard around the corner (1 is already available) and hold of on buying so before more people get to know about that, try to lure more into purchasing a none upgradeable device now… and then some… I stick to recommending no to go blue before the end of this year at least unless you realy absolutely can’t keep yourself from wasting money…

ROFLMAO! I can’t wait for the new “sales figures” to skyrocket for Bluray. rolls eyes I predict this will confuse Joe Sixpack again. He will see a “DVD” for 14 bucks, buy it and then go back to Wal*mart for a refund, because it wont play in his sharp dvd player. LOL! But, the douche-ray group will still count it as a “sale”. :S
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On a positive note I would revise and say it like this: 1 Blu-ray movie - $14 1 Blu-ray player - $298 1 Sony HDTV (1080p) - $1,500 to $6,000 Having a jaw dropping movie experience - priceless.

Could you recommend a BD movie that provides such an experience? I am not a BD or Sony basher per se and to be honest my BD experience is extremely limited. I’ve watched some Transformers and Spiderman 3 at a couple of showrooms and while the detail is amazing, I thought the the movies in general looked rather weird. Perhaps it’s simply a matter of adjusting to a new technology, but if the look of those movies is typical of what everyone is so excited about, I can wait :B
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In some instances profile isn’t even a concern for those who are “in the know” such as myself. I happily bought an older profile machine and would do it now since the new features you get with Profile 2.0 I’m not really concerned with. All I want is a great picture and sound. I don’t need to go chat online or download 6 hours of trailers and extra features. I’ve got other things to do with my time.

:B Why go Blu-ray when DVD/Divx players are around $30 CDN Watch the movie and put it away till later, its stored in the event you want to see it again. Most Divx are equal to a DVD which is good enough.

waiting on Toshiba’s new gem… Cant wait to see what they are cooking up.

@ cis65 If “good enough” is good enough for you then Good! But it’s not good enough for a lot of us, including myself. Or else this HD stuff never would have taken off. The only I can see happening is ripping an HD moivie, convert it to Divx using HD codecs. Then you have to have player that play this and of course media to put on (or big hard drive$$$). It would seems like an awful waste if time. If you tend to be a busy man, career, father, husband… just trying to keep the balance, it’s petty tuff. In my younger days with minimal responisbilities this was no probem, rip away (thanks netflix) but nowadays I wouldn’t trade that kind of time away. If you figure the cost of time and how we somethimes wish we could buy some time and use that time for the right priorities (such as family) then paying full price for blu-ray movies is bargain almost priceless.