Retailers disappointed in HD video launch

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By Greg
Tarr, STAFF (TWICE) _ Beverly Hills, Calif. The launch of high-definition
blue-laser optical disc formats has been a disappointment. That was the
consensus of a panel of mostly…

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Honestly this artical has me pumped to get a nice HDTV for christmas now. Great article I like the fact the prices were added to the fact on the sales drop. I think the prices were the biggest factor for people not currently converting however I’m afaid to get one still with these tech deals like 1.1 and 1.3 HDMI or something will this play a big role on what you can hook up to your TV and change the quality if so it is still in for a long wait to buy.

This will only help drive down the cost… The format war is really adding to the confusion… For me, there is really no need to get HD DVD or BluRay since DVD is pretty good, especially when comparing to non-HD cable and VHS…

How many people actually have HDTV sets? They’re trying to appeal to a limited audience in the first place. That and its really only big improvement if you have a big HDTV, at least 40 inches, for 1080p, you kinda need a 60 inch tv. It’s not cheap. That and people just caught up with their dvd collections, maybe it’ll be like laserdisc. I think it’ll catch on once someone puts out a drive that plays both formats. That drive/player will most likely still support dvd too. I think that would result in lower sales then when people switched to dvd. They might only rebuy some things, as DVD isn’t really that bad.

Have you ever compared HD 19201080 vs. DVD? You don’t need a 60-inch HDTV set at all. Get a US$200 20-inch LCD monitor that can display at 16001200 or 16801050. Even that will demonstrate how superior HD is to DVD. Better get a 23-inch 19201200 or 30-inch 2560*1600.

There is a point where the pixels don’t matter that much if the bitrate is to low. DVD has a bitrate of 10 mbps and HD-DVD is 36mbps and BluRay is 54mbps. Compare that to standard TV signal which is 168mbps. BitRate is important but hardly talked about in the digital universe. It’s just assumed that digital is GOOD. HDTV at 19.8mbps is just to low to be very good.

if you watch movies on your high resolution computer monitor, wmv-hd looked much sharper & dvd looked kind of out of focus on well made titles; however, if you try this as if you are watching on tv, i did not see much of any difference. (24" wide aspect ratio lcd monitor about 3.50m away) if you have very good tv that is at least 32", then you might see the difference, but when i looked at the bd movies at my friend’s house, i did not see any difference on his 40" 1080p lcd tv compare to dvd bd/hd-dvd have potential, but dvd is good enough.

those lousy studios have released dvd titles with very very bad conversion. i even heard rumors about big studios using hd-camcorder/xga projector/s-video out vhs type player to convert old vhs titles to dvd rather than re-scan the actual films. same lousy quality is shown at the earily hd titles & this only delays mass the adaption of hd dvd…which i don’t mind