Retail stores that carry Memorex Pro Gold?

NYC metro, which stores would have these, I just want to try them.
BTW are they made by MAM-E?

If they are sold in the US, they are more likely MAM-A.
I think they are MCC-coded MAM-A media. Not worth the try IMO, as they don’t have a good reputation.
I prefer Verbs, TY or real Maxell, but maybe that’s a matter of taste?

There MAM(A/E doesn’t matter to me.)

Well at least one batch with TDK code exists of these.
There might be some with the mitsubishi code.
And probably newer ones have again a different MID. (Offcourse not MAM :-P)

If gold media is worth the extra money can be questioned.

I learned a long time ago if a cd or dvd says memorex do not buy it.

A friend of mine picked up a 5-pack (of CD-Rs) at “Fry’s Electronics” in Southern California. (Curiosity got the best of him) He paid $18 for the 5-pack that included oversized jewel cases. What a waste of money.

Anyway, he gave me one to try. And it is indeed made by MAM-A (Mitsui). MID is 97:27:58 (80min)

If you’re really interested in trying Mitsui Gold, then don’t waste your money on Memorex. Buy unbranded MAM-A here:
They also sell the 74 min “archive” version. And also the gold DVD version:

And if you’re making audio CDs you can buy this version rated for burn speeds less than 12x: (MID: 97:27:55)
Or if you want to overpay (twice as much) Mobile Fidelity sells these same Mitsui “Audio Master” CD-Rs under their name:


G’day all,

Just out of curiosity, do those Memorex “Gold” DVDs actually have 24K gold reflective layers? If so, could someone post a photo of the top and bottom of the discs?