Retail shops say pirates providing better quality goods

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  We've all heard that Video and DVD piracy is  growing and as a result retail was suffering, but we haven't heard this  before. Local dealers are complaining, saying sales are being...
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Well there you have it, buy the DVD original, back it up and chuck the original away because it’s pants…! What a load of gobberlajuke!

I’ve never had a problem with a dvd I’ve bought. I guess the Australian quality must be better than South Africa.
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Not only is it poor quality physical goods, but sometimes the programming is defective - as an example, I purchased licensed copies of some animated programs on VCD from Asia. They were mastered and pressed by a legal, authorized company. It turns out, that when they made the discs, instead of correcting for speed differences in NTSC and PAL video, they simply lay the 30fps video on a 25fps template, resulting in a 17% slowdown. I was able to remaster the image after a lot of trial and error, but not everyone has the time or programs to do something like that. It would have been easier to pick up a bootleg copy online somewhere. And, I have received off-balance discs here in the US, as well as discs that were not seated in the case, and one that had the security tag very firmly stuck to the printed surface of the disc. Just poor quality all around…

I’ve received brand-new, sealed, official DVD’s that have been terribly scratched, so they obviously don’t take too much care during the manufacturing process. Strangely, pirates and bootleggers offering better quality products than the official ones is not a new phenomenon, far from it in fact. Back in the days when vinyl recordings were popular amongst consumers (and this is still the case presently for DJ’s) it was not unusual for bootleg copies to be produced on thicker, more durable, higher quality vinyl than their original counterparts which were pressed onto thin, flimsy vinyl which skipped more than a horny kangaroo when played.

I passionately HATE having to wait to get to the menu with DVD’s I have bought. Especially not being able to FF through the previews and the FBI warning in 17 different languages. :r

LMAO!!! yes lol … i know this is very sad Pirates are taking more time packing up their warez and make it look nice they even make custom autoruns and installers for soft and games common man when was the last time you ever seen a kick ass installer by a company?? unless Class or Myth did one lol lol lol:S

I don’t care about installers at all. In fact, I’d rather have an ugly installshield than some custom installer that will break after a couple of OS revisions.

I have purchased around 150 DVDs so far and about 4 of them were not properly in their disc holder, sometimes because some of the pegs were broken so it wasn’t possible to reseat the disc. And with the disc able to roll around freely in the case, it often left to some scratching on the DVD. Fortunetly I’ve never had skipping problems with these discs in my players but in defense of DVD companies, this mastly happens with online orders (perhaps the case is getting beaten up in shipping) and often with cheaper DVD distributers. Although because of this happening, I always shake a DVD case before I buy it in the store to be sure it’s seated well, as a couple times I have heard unseated discs at Walmart.